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Best chicken coops: 7 houses for your hens

Apr 30, 2023Apr 30, 2023

Keep your chickens and hens housed cosily with our round-up of the best chicken coops on the market.

Keeping chickens is enormously rewarding for those with the space and time to look after them. And if this is you, you'll also know how vulnerable they are to predators such as foxes and badgers. It's imperative to know that the coop you're locking them up in at night is going to keep them safe and protected from hungry wild animals, as well as from the elements.

What's more, avian flu is still widespread across the UK, and the guidance from the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is still to keep birds indoors and separate from the UK's wild birds that spread the disease. Having a chicken coop that's cosy, roomy enough and easy to keep clean can make this period of confinement more bearable for your chickens, and help keep them healthy at the same time.

If you're after a straightforward, easy-to-clean coop, plastic or metal are probably your best options. Wooden coops look charming, but are often more angular, allowing more bugs and mites to thrive in corners. However, if you have the upkeep time then they can be spacious alternatives that blend into your garden better. Large metal frames are ideal if you're looking to build the chickens an interior structure, to give them the extra space to match how they normally live.

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If you're looking for something secure, this walk-in chicken run from PawHut is made from a metal frame with a lockable door, ensuring the chickens stay put and are safe from predators. The Oxford-welded mesh frame is galvanised to protect it from rust while the cover is said to be waterproof and UV-resistant.

The spacious size of this enclosure is perfect if you have a lot of chickens and it makes a great space for building an interior enclosure for them. The wide angled roof also allows for easier cleaning, without too many corners for dirt and insects to collect.

The Eglu Cube is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with customisation options available to make sure you get the chicken coop most suited to you. Pick whether you want wheels, a green or purple colour, or a chicken run (and how long you want it - up to 4m). There's also the option for an Autodoor which slots onto the chicken coop, allowing you to set a time of day for them to open.

The plastic design allows for easy cleaning and the steel run frame will help to keep your chickens safe. Insulation, increased space and a handy Eggport make this a great coop both for you and the chickens.

Suitable for 3 to 5 chickens, this coop from Chicken Coops Imperial has a reinforced galvanized mesh to provide protection from foxes and other predators. It features a floor under the pull out metal tray to keep the chickens safe while cleaning. There's a large front door for easy access and another door, with Perspex over the windows, to provide ventilations for the chickens and hens inside.

The wooden frame is made using treated timber that's said to be animal-friendly. The Wentworth coop comes flat packed, so it'll require some assembly.

Henlay's MO is to make chicken coops that are perfect for people, poultry and the planet. That's why this coop is made from 12mm-thick Stokbord - a UK-made recycled plastic. It's said to be long-lasting enough to last for decades without rotting or fading.

The coops can come in eight different colours, from purple orchid to sedge green. It includes 8sqft of space and three round perches totalling almost 6 feet in length. Ventilation, a non-slip ramp, red mite-resistance and other handy features make this a worthy home for your chickens.

If you're looking for space, this chicken run from Archie & Oscar can fit up to 22 chickens. It would work well as the foundation for a more complex chicken shelter, as the 100% polyethene roof can shelter structures built inside. The galvanized-steel frame sizes up to 192cm H x 275cm W x 200cm.

Give your chickens a stylish space with this henhouse chicken run from Archie & Oscar. The living space and playpen are made of wood and metal wire, with an asphalt roof that's said to be waterproof and UV-resistant.

The nesting box is accessible from the outside via a folding roof for easy access to any eggs. Up to 3 chickens can live in the Holsworthy Chicken Run.

This wooden chicken run can house up to 24 chickens, with a separate living space that's accessible through a lockable door. It's made using pressure treated timber with an Onduline roof that covers the both the chicken house and the run.

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