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Construction of Chamundi Hill retaining wall: 10 months on, 40 percent work over; 3 more months needed

Jul 13, 2023Jul 13, 2023

New technology of fixing retaining wall to Hill's rocky structure to prevent landslides

Mysore/Mysuru: Works on constructing a retaining wall to restore the portions of the Nandi Statue Road atop Chamundi Hill that witnessed a series of landslides is still a work-in-progress project even after 10 months and till now, only 40 percent has been completed.

As all iron and steel fabrication and precast concrete materials are ready with only fixing part pending, engineers told Star of Mysore this morning that they need three more months to complete the project.

The work on the retaining wall began in August 2022 after the then Government released Rs. 10 crore and till December last year, heavy rains hampered the construction. The earthworks have now been completed and a 30-ft trench has been dug up to accommodate the huge retaining wall. The foundation for the wall has been laid and the structure has been raised to the top, PWD Executive Engineer Raju told Star of Mysore this morning.

Extensive damage has been caused between the View Point and Nandi Statue and the damages extend up to 400 metres. All the materials required for the civil works like cement and iron have been kept ready and we need to fix it now. We are using a new technique where the massive retaining wall is fixed to the Chamundi Hill's rocky surface with the help of grooves where iron rods are inserted and they are then grouted into place. This will prevent future landslides," Raju explained.

The retaining wall needs to be built on level ground and to avoid pressure, engineers have excavated deep enough (up to 30 ft) for the base material and one course of wall material. This structure is then fixed to the rocks (with tension-resisting steel rods) so that it will stay put even in adverse conditions and heavy rains," PWD EE Raju added.

The retaining wall is being constructed based on the suggestions of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bengaluru, who have submitted a detailed report on the landslides after soil testing and other studies and the methodology of constructing the retaining wall. Landslides have taken place at two locations a couple of times on the Nandi Statue Road. Once the work of this retaining wall is completed, the work on the other portion will have to be taken up and a fresh estimate has to be prepared for the Government to sanction money.

Ever since the landslides, the road to Nandi Statue has been closed for traffic while the other roads leading up the Hill are open.

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