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Sep 23, 2023Sep 23, 2023

SpanAfrica is an owner-managed business with a hands-on management style, and with over 120 years of industry experience in its management team. We are situated in Mkondeni, an industrial suburb in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Our factory and offices currently occupy 15 000m² of land with a factory and office complex of 7 900m². We are able to produce on average 450 tonnes of processed steel per month. The in-house fabrication facilities, with trained and experienced staff, facilitate the accurate production of buildings, according to design specifications.

Each project is managed, from the conceptual stage through to completion, by a single project manager.This allows for clear single-channel communication with clients and ensures that client expectations are met. Much emphasis is placed on the initial design and planning, which enables projects to run smoothly once design has been finalised.

The project manager's experience in the industry, together with support from the technical and production teams, enables SpanAfrica to find innovative and cost-effective solutions to clients’requirements. Furthermore, the tried and tested underlying procedures by which the business is conducted and a high regard for quality control collaborate to produce a product of the highest standard.

Buildings are erected under the watchful eye of the project manager, who on completion inspects the building together with the client to ensure complete satisfaction.

SpanAfrica has supplied to and been part of numerous projects in multiple sectors:

SpanAfrica provides the building market with a composite solution to structural steel needs. The management team's experience in the industry allows SpanAfrica to work with its clients throughout the life of the project, from the conceptual stage through to completion. We supply buildings of ALL sizes – nothing is too small or too big!

We actively trade throughout KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, as these are our "hometown" markets. However, we have dedicated account managers for all areas in South Africa and have successfully and regularly supplied and erected buildings in all corners of the country.

We export throughout Southern Africa, but have the capability to supply buildings anywhere in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. We have been as far north as Egypt! We regularly export to Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, and have experience in shipping to and erecting in most African countries. Buildings are designed to suit the weather and climatic conditions of the destination country, and tailored to suit the specific requirements and instructions of our clients.

Our export team has become specialised in the logistics of exporting buildings, either by road or by sea. We make use of experienced freight companies, but also welcome the use of clients’ own transport. Based on individual client requirements, buildings exported from South Africa can be erected on-site. Crews have been dispatched to erect buildings as far as Burkina Faso and Madagascar.

Alternatively, should clients have the resources to erect themselves, detailed plans are sent with the export to enable this to be carried out by the client's personnel.