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Affordable housing solution in Daytona Beach turns shipping container into homes

Jun 08, 2023Jun 08, 2023


Company SnapSpace is turning shipping containers into affordable housing in Daytona Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A Maine-based company is working to introduce re-purposed shipping containers as an affordable housing option in Daytona Beach.

Chad Walton, CEO of SnapSpace gave a presentation at a recent city commission meeting. He is hopeful a partnership can be formed with the city. "We’ve been able to check a lot of the boxes that some of the other alternatives, housing-wise they haven't been able to do," he said.

The Maine-based company recently opened an office in Volusia County but has serviced residents and companies all over the country. Walton believes the prospect of using the containers was well received by city commissioners. Mayor Derrick Henry, among others, expressed interest. "I have certainly been in favor of having these in our city," Henry said at the meeting. "We should find some sort of way to make it a test run."

SnapSpace works on dozens of different projects, and the costs vary. FOX 35 News took a tour of a unit with a kitchen, bed, and bathroom. Walton said the lower models sell for around 50 thousand dollars. Depending on the amenities, the cost can get into the six figures. He believes the efficiency and durability play into why the cost is worth it.

Walton claims the structures are hurricane-proof, which he says is another plus for areas prone to natural disasters. Certain models can be picked up and transported within half an hour. "Affordable and workforce housing is an extreme issue, it's like a dire issue in Daytona as well as all the surrounding areas," he said.

Discussions between the two sides are set to continue, according to Walton. Zoning restrictions will play a large role in where the buildings can be placed.

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