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COOP makes backyard farming easier and more stylish

Jan 08, 2024Jan 08, 2024

Designed for the backyard farmer, Austin-based start-up COOP and Bould Design present a modern twist on raising chickens. Merging form and function in an archetypal house form, the Coop sits at an intersection between architectural statement and practical functionality that seeks to satisfy the needs and sensibilities of even the most discerning hens.

The Coop brings comfort and convenience to both owners and chickens alike. From assembly to use and maintenance — including feeding, watering, waste removal, and ventilation — each element has been designed and integrated for ease and simplicity. For further protection, an additional optional enclosed run can be extended to protect the chickens from threat of predators.

the optional enclosed run protects the chickens from predators | all images courtesy of Bould Design

Start-up COOP has worked closely with studio Bould Design to bring coops to backyards everywhere in a way makes raising chickens easy and engaging. Easily cleanable and assembleable, and efficient to function, the Coop was be assembled without special tools or skills in under thirty minutes using just a screwdriver.

Further, the product is integrated with technology such as an IoT camera which allows users to check on their chickens from either their living room or from across the continent. A remote control front door can also be set for scheduled operation, while fresh eggs can be easily collected via the hatch with minimal disruption to the occupants. For cleaning, the Coop can simply be cleaned by swapping in a new compostable litter tray to add in more litter.

the front door, eggbox, and feeders are rendered in a vivid coral, contrasting the charcoal facades

Leveraging a familiar modern house archetype, the Coop offers a fresh simplicity that blurs the line between architecture and product, and with a design that is both fun and sophisticated at the same time. Its gray scalloped roof and sidewalls bring in a subtle reference to the ubiquitous corrugated steel shed as well as structure to the rotationally molded components. The front door, eggbox, and feeders are rendered in a lively coral color delivering a vivid contrast against the charcoal front and back facades.

the roosting boxes give chickens security and privacy while making egg collection convenient and easy

the Coop is a modern twist on raising chickens in your backyard

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