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I live in a shipping container in my bosses' back yard

May 04, 2023May 04, 2023

A WOMAN has revealed she's living in a shipping container in her bosses' back yard - and she loves it.

Nanny Koko Sierra shared a TikTok video revealing the parents of the kids she looks after bought the unconventional space and turned it into a cosy room.

In just a few months, Koko's boss kitted out the room - even fitting it with heating and air conditioning.

The film showed Koko moving in when the unit was finally ready to live in.

She said she that she "loved it" and was "forever grateful."

But many TikTok users pointed out a key missing feature.

One said: "They put you in a metal box with no bathroom or running water.

"That sounds terrible, especially in the middle of the night or if you get sick."

Another said "no toilet, no way."

However some users thought that conversion was a kind and considerate gesture.

It comes after a couple revealed they gave up conventional living to move into a tiny house - and they can't even stand up in the bedroom.

And a woman revealed that she built her own tiny house in seven days and can now live on just £160 a month.

You can buy your own tiny house on eBay for as little as £2,000 - and that's not even the best part.

As the housing crisis bites, Brits are seemingly turning to ultra-compact, and even mobile, living arrangements to cut costs.

One budget home, advertised online as a "tiny house", garden room or office is available for just £2,275, around 0.7% of the average price of a flat in the UK.

And best of all, the miniature accommodation is on wheels and is equipped with a tow coupling, meaning the new owner can drive it anywhere they wish to set up.

Photos of the building show it to be a little large than a garden shed.

However, despite its size it manages to fit in a small living area, bed space, kitchen counter and even a bathroom.

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