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Man turns 40ft container into house, flaunts beautiful interior

Mar 27, 2023Mar 27, 2023

A Nigerian man has attracted mixed reactions after he turned a 40ft container into a house with beautiful interior decorations.

The Nigerian man who flaunted his new container house has been identified as Nsofor Ifeanyi. According to the young man, he is specialized in turning containers into houses.

While sharing a post on social media, the young man who has attracted a lot of attention from people has shown social media users how he managed to turn a container into a house.

The young man carried netizens through the process via a video he shared on TikTok.

In the video shared on Tiktok by Ifeanyi Nonso, he showed an empty container with a rusty body looking abandoned and how he started by painting the rusted white container into a blue container and other lighting works.

In the slides that followed, Ifeanyi and his team had turned the inside of the container into a beautiful setup with different rooms. The designed container had a toilet, a bathroom, a kitchen, and everything a home should have.

Ifeanyi urged netizens to engage his services for schools, clubhouses, homes, and offices made from containers.

While some social media users applauded the young man for his creativity, others also saw it from a different direction. Many questioned the young man if he thought about thunder and lighting during rainy seasons as it wouldn't be safe to stay in a container turned into a house.

Funmilola Da-silva said: "I advise pol owing palmpay not o do this kind of house, dem go cease the house."

Big Pints said: "If rain starts na to lodge outside Because if thunder near that iron container … you’re gone bro."

Queen Judie said: "Very good If rain Dey fall you fit move your house go another place." BECCA said: "If light dey and rain dey fall thunder kon Dey strike nko?"

Watch the video below.

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