Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Aluminum Composite Panel Building Material Wall Cladding Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Aluminum Composite Panel Building Material Wall Cladding Panel

WHY KCP? Foshan Yixiang, with its brand 'KC PANELS', has been dedicated in aluminum honeycomb products for more than 15
Basic Info
Model NO. AHP
Level A
Application Building Materials
Fire Rating BS13501-1 A2
Overall Thickness 3~500mm
Surface Finish PVDF / PE / Powder Coating / Mill
Aluminum Alloy 3 Series / 5 Series
Protection Plastic Protective Film
Transport Package Plywood Crates / Steel Frames
Specification Up to 2000*6000mm
Trademark KC PANELS
Origin China
HS Code 76169990
Production Capacity 240, 000m2/Year
Product Description

Foshan Yixiang, with its brand 'KC PANELS', has been dedicated in aluminum honeycomb products for more than 15 years.KCP understands international standard. By participating in landmark projects all over the world, we have gained ample experience and know-how to meet with the most stringent standards in the industry.KCP cares about quality. We fully implement ISO 9001 at every production sector in the factory. Experienced QC staffs are assigned to each individual project to tackle possible defects and issues throughout the whole processing.KCP got capacity. We have a 20,000M2 workshop with high-efficient machineries and production lines. Our key workers all have more than 8 years in manufacturing aluminum honeycomb panels which enables punctual delivery with high quality.KCP makes good offers. We integrate production from aluminum honeycomb core to aluminum honeycomb panels and stone panels which reduces outsourcing and effectively lower the cost.Talk to us and let us take care anything about honeycomb.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. Composition of Panels


KCP's aluminum honeycomb panel is a sandwich structure consists of two layers of aluminum sheets and aluminum honeycomb core in between. The aluminum sheets can be switched to fiberglass / stainless steel / galvanized steel according to different applications.These three layers are bonded by modified epoxy adhesive from renowned brands which has specific product lines for aluminum honeycomb applications. With the characteristic of elastic and weather resistant, our aluminum honeycomb panels can be used under most extreme weather conditions ranging from -40 degree to 80 degree Celsius.2. Collection of PanelsMultiple finishes on the aluminum sheets available, including PVDF coating, PE coating, Powder coating, Heat-transfer printing, Anodizing, Mill finish, etc.


3. Our Guaranteed Bonding
a. Thermoplastic Adhesive Films for Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
KCP applies thermoplastic adhesive films for lamination of its aluminum honeycomb panels. The thermoplastic film is in solid form under room temperature and melts at around 130 degrees Celsius. Comparing to traditional epoxy glue, the thermoplastic film is way higher in elasticity and hence being more weather resistant. It moves along with the substrate under rapid temperature changes without being failure. While it can endure great amount of heat generated by sunlight during hot summers. The thermoplastic film also significantly enhances the production efficiency comparing to epoxy glue.
b. Modified Epoxy Adhesive with Patented Epoxy-friendly Coating on Aluminum
Alternatively, KCP also provides epoxy adhesive with modified formula which is designated to honeycomb composite bonding. The aluminum sheets are coated with patented epoxy-friendly layer which significantly enhances the bonding strength. Comparing to thermoplastic films, the tensile strength with this combination is over 50% stronger, at around 2.0Mpa. This suits for both exterior and interior uses and best-fit for those who needs panels with stronger bonding strength. Meanwhile the epoxy itself is elastic and therefore also suits for exterior use even under extreme weather conditions.4. Panel Specifications
WidthUp to 2000mm
LengthUp to 6000mm
Overall Thickness5mm to 500mm
Aluminum Sheet Thickness0.5mm to 2mm
Aluminum Alloy3003 / 5052
Surface FinishesPVDF / PE / Powder Coating / Anodizing, / Mill, etc
Flatwise Tensile Strength1.4Mpa2.0Mpa
Flatwise Compressive Strength0.8Mpa0.8Mpa
Flatwise Shear Strength0.5Mpa0.8Mpa
Drum Peeling
Flexural Strength60Mpa60Mpa
TemperatureResistanceUp to 180 degree CelsiusUp to 100 Degree Celsius

5. Factory FabricationFactory in-house fabrication according to shop drawings. Leave the complex work to us so to cut down overall budget on your project.6. ApplicationsKCP's aluminum honeycomb panels are applicable for multiple purposes, including exterior cladding, ceiling, floating roof, transportation, marine panels, screen printing, and many more. Talk to us for your own applications and we will propose accordingly.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


KCP conducts comprehensive tests with Intertek and SGS, covering key aspects related to panel performances. Moreover, we established our in-house laboratory in 2010 to run random tests on each of our production, so to make sure consistency in bonding quality.Fire Rating:BS EN13501-1: A2, s1, d0BS 476 Part 4, Part 6, Part 7ASTM E84Key Performances:ASTM C297 - Flatwise Tensile StrengthASTM C365 - Flatwise Compressive StrengthASTM D1781 - Drum Peeling StrengthASTM C273 - Plane Shear StrengthASTM B117 - Salt Spray TestFreeze & Thaw ResistanceASTM C67 / ASTM C297 Freeze & Thaw: 50 cyclesContact us to get test report copies.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


KCP fully implements ISO 9001 at every production sector in the factory. Experienced QC staffs are assigned to each individual project to tackle possible defects and issues throughout the whole processing. In-house laboratory carries out vital testing on randomly selected specimens during production to monitor the bonding performances.


In KCP, we have a 10-man QC team which is well trained and each individual having more than 5 years of experiences in the field of aluminum honeycomb industry. Each batch of production will be monitored by designated personnel from incoming material to final check before shipping. In this way we grant every single panel shipped is flawless and live up to customers' expectations.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


KCP has a state-of-art facility which covers over 20,000M2, producing from aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panels to stone honeycomb panels. In-house laboratory was established in 2010 to monitor the consistency in quality throughout each of our production.


KCP is one of the few manufacturers in China who produces from aluminum honeycomb core, to aluminum honeycomb panels, and to stone honeycomb panels. Through this all-in-one production facility, not only overall cost can be controlled, and most importantly, the quality is always consistant throughtout every procedure of production.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Throughout the years, KCP completed various projects in U.S, Canada, Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, and major Chinese cities, covering from exterior cladding to interior fitting-outs.


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